Children’s Religious Exploration (CRE) – Christine Sopko

Committee Goals and Functions:

  • Generate and act upon yearly goals for the CRE program
  • CRE Budget Approval
  • Improve the quality of church experience for RE teachers & acquire more committed volunteers to teach
  • Add more social action & social justice lessons and projects to the curricula
  • Update/ Evaluate curricula to improve quality of lessons & increase student interest and attention

Committee Members:  All committee positions are filled through volunteers who express interest or are solicited by the committee.  The committee members, along with the Director of Religious Exploration, are responsible for fulfilling the committee’s mission and overall goals/objectives.   Meetings are four times a year in January, April, August, and November.  If you are interested in participating or chairing Children’s Religious Exploration Committee please contact Christine.

Adult Religious Exploration – Rev. Elli Elliot

Adult Religious Exploration has always included a variety of topics that relate to our Unitarian Universalist quest for a better understanding of ourselves and the world. Because it is such a broad topic, it is open for members of the Fellowship to offer topics of interest. Please contact Elli if you have a topic that you feel would be worthy of exploration. 

Social Justice – Sue Reymer 

The Social Justice Committee’s mission is to help us be true to our Unitarian Universalist principles and make the world a better place. In the past, we’ve studied and promoted sustainability and climate change solutions, immigration and ethical eating. This year we’ve been studying the prison system.

Social Justice Committee meets on the last Sunday of the month following the service at 12 noon.