Sundays on Zoom

Sunday, December 5 10:30 AM   Rev Wanda Daniel

“The Radiant Dark”

Ponder the ways we find ‘gift’ in these days of deepening darkness.  Hear the music of the dark.  Breathe in the dark.  Shift our hearts and minds to see and know the dark in ways strengthening and healing to our lives.  In these times of great loss and confusion, how do we offer this ‘gift’ to those around us.

Sunday, December 12, 4:00 PM “‘Tis The Season For A Party”

Although we are not out of the woods yet, it feels like time to gather those of us who are vaccinated fully (which we hope is many of us).

There will be food, caroling, games and in-person visiting!  The Fellowship will provide a ham and others can bring sides and beverages of their choosing. We are encouraging people to bring donations for Soft Landing ( See page three.)

Bring family members if they too are vaccinated.


Sunday, December 19 4:00 PM, Rev Wanda & the Fellowship.  “Winter Solstice (12/21)”

As we prepare for the longest night on 12/21, we pause and feel within us the many losses in our world today.  In the deep darkness of these times, we pause and give our vulnerable hearts a moment to feel deeply.  Here we come together, offer our stories, hear others’ stories, and find ways to mourn and begin healing.  The light returns.  How shall we behold its power?!?

 Sunday, December 26, 10:30 AM    Kris and Scott Prinzin.   “Saturn and the Solstice”

Untangling the roots and shoots of Winter Solstice celebrations from ancient Rome to modern Red Lodge. This is number four in the Seasonal Round Liturgy conceived and presented by Kris and Scott Prinzing.


Wednesday Lecture Series


Wednesday Lecture Series 7 PM via Zoom

Wednesday, December 8 Wednesday Lecture Series  7pm    

The Social Change Setting: An Environmental and Critical Theory View of How Human Systems are Related to Each Other

In my opinion, the single most important concept that critical theory brought to our understanding of human social systems, is that they are indeed, complex systems. Because of its roots, critical theory often focuses on the economic and cultural aspects of human systems.

But this begs the question, how do we conceptualize complex human systems? What is the relation between the economic and the political and how do they both impact the individual daily lives of human beings?

We will look at one possible model which expands on Uri Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Model of childhood development. I refer to it as the Social Change Setting.



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