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May 5      Jade Sooktis      Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

Jade Sooktis is a Northern Cheyenne activist from Lame Deer, Montana.
A congressional resolution to designate May 5th as a National Day of Awareness for Missing and Murdered Native Women and Girls has been introduced. The resolution was drafted in memory of Hanna Harris (Northern Cheyenne) who was murdered July, 2013. The resolution was first introduced in April 2016 on the day that RoyLynn Rides Horse (Crow) passed away after having been beaten, burned, and left in a field to die. Nearly 200 tribal, national, and state organizations supported this resolution.
Wear RED on May 5th and post a photo on social media with the hashtag #NationalDayofAwareness #MMNWG or #MMIW


May 12        Rev. Duffy Peet         Acknowledging Mothers

Each year, for more than 100 years, the second Sunday in May has been identified as a day to acknowledge and honor mothers. Mother’s Day was initially conceived as a day when each person would pay tribute to their birth mother. Over time the holiday has expanded in its scope. For this service we will contemplate the mothers we acknowledge. We will also consider how we express our gratitude to the mother or mothers in our lives.


May 19       Rev. Wanda Daniels     Imagine and…

Rumi wrote: “What will our children do in the morning if they do not see us fly?”  We spend much of our lives rearranging, tweaking, and otherwise changing the outside layers of how we live.  What happens if we reach deep, imagine and . . . change the core of how we’re living?!?  We can take the experiences we’ve had, the lessons we’ve learned, and courageously begin again with a new work of art, a new way of being human?!?  As human beings we have the imagination to design what we become, if we dare to create what we cannot see in front of us.  Let’s dare, and give our children the opportunity to see us fly!


May 26   Ana Diaz       Philosophy, Morality, and Immigration Policy

The immigration debate is vexed with serious moral questions that shed little light in how nations ought to proceed when considering policies that allow or limit foreigners within their borders. The difficulties lie in considering the status of refugees, guest workers, and the kind of criteria countries should employ when deciding among applicants for immigration. Do states have a moral right to exclude potential immigrants by enacting closed borders or are there sufficiently strong arguments that states have a duty to help immigrants, and thereby enacting open borders? In this talk, we will survey some of these concerns.

Sunday Summer Services

June 2               Flower Communion and Recognition

June 9               No Service

June 16             Circle Service

June 23 & 30    No Service

July 7                Work Day and Potluck

July 14              No Service

July 21              Circle Service

July 28              No Service

August 4          Work Day and Potluck

August 11         No Service

August 18        Circle Service

August 25        Regular Service



Wednesday Lecture Series

Community Lecture Series  Wednesday,  May 22nd at 7PM!

Sense of Place

Our “connection” to places in the physical environment plays an important role in our personal sense of identity, our emotional health, and a sense of connection to others both socially and spiritually. Danny Choriki explores this cluster of concepts spanning geography, urban planning, architecture, psychology, and sociology. These concepts are a key aspect of our understanding of the meaning human beings attach to the physical environment, both natural and built.






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