Sundays at 10:30 AM


March  3       Suzanne Reymer        Mardi Gras & Lent for UU’s       

What does Mardi Gras mean for UU’s aside from laissez les bon temps rouler? Might there be ways we can find wisdom in the season? Sue Reymer compares how this time of year was approached from her Catholic background to some newer UU perspectives.


March 10     Dr. Aaron Rosen     Stations of the Cross:  Art, Religion, and Pilgrimage in the 21st Century  (Daylight Saving Begins)

Dr. Aaron Rosen will speak on the international public art project he co-founded, Stations of the Cross (, which has traveled from London to Washington, D.C., New York City, and now Amsterdam.  The exhibition uses the themes and iconography of the Passion as a lens to focus upon contemporary issues of social justice.  It invites works of art and visitors from all faiths and none.


March  17    Adrian Jawort   Finding LGBTQ Empathy Via Native American Ways

Northern Cheyenne journalist and author Adrian Jawort discusses traditional roles of gender fluidity and LGBTQ beliefs among Native societies as well as how we can learn from those belief systems to strive for a better understanding and acceptance of LGBTQ people today.


March  24  The Prinzings    Singing for Spring 

 Join us for a musical celebration of the onset of springtime!  Songs will be sung to you, for you, with you and by you, and the joys of the budding season will be well-celebrated!

Led by the Prinzings, Joyce, and other BUUF musicians, and thespians!


March 31  Stephanie Davis   The Spiritual Life of Composers

Many of the greatest composers in the history of western classical music wrote their music for use in Christian worship.  That does not mean that they were all necessarily ardent believers.  In some (many?) cases, their spiritual lives were much more nuanced than one might assume upon first glance at an impressive catalogue of religious compositions.  Stephanie Davis will share an exploration of the spiritual lives of two composers: Ludwig von Beethoven (a German Catholic) and Ralph Vaughn Williams (an English Protestant).  After 30 years as a church musician, including 11 years at Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd here in Billings, Stephanie transitioned to teaching piano full-time, including Keyboard Skills classes at MSUB.


Wednesday Lecture Series

Community Lecture Series  Wednesday,   March 20th and 27th 7PM!


March 20

The Science of Community: Introduction to Community Psychology and the End of “The Cuckoo’s Nest”


Community psychology came together in the 1960s driven by the needs of returning WWII veterans, the growing awareness that therapy was not enough for mental health, and the rising costs and problems within psychiatric hospitals. Danny Choriki will provide an overview of Community Psychology, a brief history, and some research relevant to Billings.


March 27

The Science of Community: Components of The Sense of Community

Danny Choriki presents the components of a Sense of Community as defined by McMillan and Chavis including membership, influence, integration, and fulfillment of needs, and a shared emotional connection. A fifth component, Conscious Identification is included.  We look at a Sense of Community Index for Billings.




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