Sundays at 10:30 AM

 We are meeting virtually on Sundays at 10:30 AM on Zoom for now and the foreseeable future. Check our weekly email and Facebook page for our Sunday presentations. 


May 2  Rev. Wanda Daniel   Spirit of Life Blossoming!

Raised in a tradition that perceived the spirit somehow bound by the human form, I challenge that perception these days.  WHY bound? Why not freed?  Let’s explore the sparks of life energy living within each of us, find and engage wisely the powers of human expression!


May 9  Nikki Tetrault  Birth, Motherhood and Growing Love

Licensed student Midwife Nikki Tetrault shares her perspective.

May 16    Rev. Wanda Daniel      Our Children Grow & Flower

We celebrate the blooming of flowers, and the blooming of our children, as we honor those graduating and growing.  We recognize and celebrate these transitions in a time of transitioning.  Please bring your favorite flower (actual and/or picture) to the gathering this morning!

May 23   Kris & Scott Prinzing   Supporting the Green Economy is Supporting Justice! 

 While collective action is the most effective route to saving the earth, there are still profoundly meaningful actions that individuals can take.  Learn what the green economy is, what is has to do with your daily life, and find out how thrilling it can be to support a just and humane society..


May 30  Lyda Adair    Grieving in the Pandemic   

How do we grieve for 600,000 deaths in the US since the declared pandemic? We have tried many avenues and will undoubtedly try many more in the future.   Processing the enormity of this phenomenon will lead us down many paths.  My Irish heritage has led me to explore Keeningas a way to open myself to the grief.




Wednesday Lecture Series

Community Lecture Series

Wednesday Lecture Series via Zoom  April 14 @ 7 pm

Emma Goldman in Montana

Dr. Jeff Johnson examines speeches delivered by noted anarchist Emma Goldman in the Treasure State between 1908 and 1914. Goldman’s lectures focused on trade unionism, anarchism, the prison system, free speech, and the press. Her talks in Montana were received in myriad ways—Butte’s socialist mayor Lewis Duncan welcomed her while Helena officials deemed her “un-American” and halted a scheduled debate between Goldman and noted Montana socialist Ida Crouch-Hazlett.
A graduate of Carroll College, Johnson is a professor of history and director of American Studies at Providence College in Rhode Island.
A lecture from the Montana Historical Society





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