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Wednesday Lecture Series

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Wednesday Lecture Series 7 PM via Zoom

August 11

Critical Race Theory: Colliding World Views

Anything with the phrase Critical Theory has its roots in a Marxist analysis of the structural causes behind economic issues. It is one of several approaches to a systemic or structural approach to understanding social problems. The basic approach emerged from the Frankfurt School in the 1930s and distinguishes itself by arguing that major social problems are driven by economic, political, or cultural structures and not due to the fault of individuals.

Recently “Critical Race Theory” is being used as a divisive meme to rally white supremacists into political action.

We will watch two videos on the topic. One by PBS News Hour and the other by Christopher Rufo, which is a call to arms for those who do not believe that discussions about race should be happening in today’s America.

Critical Race Theory by Christopher Rufo

Answering your questions on critical race theory, PBS News Hour




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