Weekend Services & Programs


NOTE DAYS AND TIMES! More information to follow in the weekly notices.

Sunday Services 10:30 AM


October 2   Change  Led by Margaret English 

Does change create meaning?  What changes have been positive and what have been negative?

Circle Service Children should expect to participate.

 October 9  Donna Davis  both/and: There’s No Escape

Our lives are filled with both griefs and joys, downs and ups — we know this, yet we often long for the griefs to abate and the joys to linger. How might we hallelujah it all in every moment? From Marcus Aurelius (“But it is not hardship for the vessel to be broken up, just as there was none in its being fastened together.”) to Leonard Cohen (Hallelujah!) with side trips to Rumi and the Buddha, we’ll explore how to dwell in celebration of both/and.

October 16    Hope  Led by Margaret English

Hope implies something in the future.  What gives you hope?

Circle Service Children should expect to participate.

October 23   Jim Reindollar Who Is My Neighbor?

How inclusive of a community can we build? How do we work with those who are left out? Or those who leave us out? Using the parables of Jesus as a guide, we explore how liberal and open a community can be when it removes fundamentalism and tribalism from the equation.

We will have an A/V training after the service. It will take approximately 20 minutes.


After a meeting on September 25, a group of parents with children decided to meet again for lunch on October 23 after the regular program on Sunday morning.  Anyone interested in joining other young parents are welcome.  Even if you do not attend the program, join them around noon to share a meal and discussion at the Fellowship.

October 30 No Service





Wednesday Lecture Series

There will not be a lecture in August.



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