Sundays at 10:30 AM

 We are meeting virtually on Sundays at 10:30 AM on Zoom for now and the foreseeable future. Check our weekly email and Facebook page for our Sunday presentations. 

January 3   Zoom Circle Service Beginning Anew, Beginning Again

The New Year may be an artificial marker, when we start a new calendar year with a new number. Yet we mark new beginnings with the new year. We will gather on Zoom as if we were gathered at a circle service. Bring something to share about new beginnings. You may have a poem, a song, a thought. What are you beginning? Something new? Something that has cycled round again?

The theme this month is “Cooperative Living.” How might new beginnings for 2021 open new possibilities for Cooperative Living? What might that mean?

To screen share, especially for videos, please contact with a link for what you plan to share by January 2nd. Looking forward to the potpourri!

January 10   Rev. Wanda Daniel  A New Earth Story

Somewhere eons ago, recorded in our mythologies, we humans were ‘put in charge’ of nature.  This mandate defies cooperative living.  In this new year, we tell a new story about our places WITH Earth, and how we care for each other.

January 17   DrNia ToGoThere    A Cultural Crisis

The US is in Cultural Crisis. How did we get here? We will focus on the construct of race and how the values and beliefs emerging from this mind-set have shaped our institutional culture. We are at a crossroads—a critical juncture challenging us to embrace systemic change and see it as a beautiful problem.  It is time.

Nia, of Cree ancestry, grew up on Turtle Mountain Reservation in ND (her Father’s Reservation). Her mother’s Reservation is Rocky Boy, MT. Her most recent work is focused on the urgent need to shift to an inclusive way of thinking that emphasizes learning FROM other cultures rather than ABOUT them.

January 24 Rev. Wanda Daniel   Free and Responsible

As our notions of freedom unravel, we reveal responsibilities needed. Freedom and responsible co-exist, weaving together.  How might we shift our own lives to be free AND responsible!?!

January 31 Dr. Mary Nelson  Crossing Borders, Creating Bridges, Building Community

An interactive exploration of opportunities for expanding horizons and action in 2021. Sharing stories from experience in community building on Chicago’s west side and with the Parliament of the World’s Religions.


To Members and Friends of the Billings UU Fellowship:

Using the revised information from Governor Bullock and the medical resources we have on our Fellowship Board, we will continue having Sunday services via Zoom for the foreseeable future.  Meanwhile, we encourage you to participate via Zoom with our activities and notify Wanda or Susan Hills if you need any assistance. May you continue in safety and peace.







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The CLS is on a temporary hiatus and is expected to return soon. Please check back later for updated information






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