Sundays at 10:30 AM

April  7       Dr. Brian Dillon   ‘Let this cup pass’: Atticus Finch, the Passive  American Hero.

For nearly six decades now, Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird has been widely taught.  One assumption is that American teens should be indoctrinated with the wisdom regarding race relations provided by Atticus.  Yet Atticus is a Jim Crow lawyer whose conscience easily adapts to his political landscape. How might the novel best be presented to challenge young–and old–readers in meaningful ways?

April 14  Don Larsen    A Wiccan in the Military

“U.S. Army Chaplain Captain Don Larsen was dismissed from his post in Iraq in 2006 after changing his religious affiliation
from Pentecostal Christianity to Wicca and applying to become the first Wiccan military chaplain. His potential new endorser,
the Sacred Well Congregation based in Texas, was not yet an officially recognized endorsement organization for the military,
and upon hearing of his conversion, his prior endorser, the Chaplaincy of Full Gospel Churches, immediately revoked its endorsement.
At this point, the U.S. Army was required to dismiss him from chaplaincy despite an exemplary service record.”

April 21     Lottie Rickels      ‘Twas the Day Before  Earth Day

As we approach the apocalypse (and another Earth Day) it is time to grapple with the ambivalence of apparitions and their sometimes toxic, oftentimes indispensable role in human lives.

April 28    Dr. Kristen Prewitt    Spiritually Grounded UU Leadership

Kristen Prewitt is a current Board Member of the Billings Unitarian Universalist Fellowship. She will reflect on lessons learned at the UU Leadership Retreat she attended in January 2019 near Portland, OR.

April 28    BUUF Annual Meeting

After the service, please stay for the BUUF Annual Meeting. Lunch is provided, as is child care.


Wednesday Lecture Series

Community Lecture Series  Wednesday,   April 17th and 24th 7PM!

April 17

A Conversation about Community.

Walt Gulick will join us for an open conversation about community in Billings, how it’s changed over time and the forces driving change in the past and into the future.

April 24

Building our Future: The City of Billings Capital Projects Plan

City Council member Denise Joy will talk to us about the CIP and what the city is currently building and plans to build over the next few years. She will also discuss how the process works and how citizens can influence the process.






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