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November 3       Rev. Wanda Daniel      Attending Heart

Today we pause and remember loved ones who have entered our lives, touched our hearts, and traveled on. As we watch the light wane a bit each day, we dare to sit in the dark and see what matters most to our hearts. We hear each beat and honor the flow of our lives, living and dying.

Please turn your clocks back on November 3rd.

 November 10   Kristen Burge   Self-leadership in Conflict Resolution: An Introduction to Internal Family Systems

In a world that seems to involve increasingly polarized conflict, we may find ourselves experiencing intense emotions and impulses that can lead to difficult interactions and impasses.

The Internal Family Systems (IFS) model provides a framework and method for noticing and paying attention to the various parts of our inner landscape with respect, compassion, and curiosity. The IFS approach provides a safe space for all of a person’s parts to be seen, heard, and witnessed, which in turn can de-escalate conflict and allow for discussion from a calmer, more mindful place. Becoming more “Self-led” can improve not only relationships with others, but also bring more awareness and attunement within ourselves.

November 17         Dr. Elli Elliott        Circle Service: Attention

In our Circle Service, we can reflect around the theme of Attention. Bring a reading or a song or a story or a joke or an artwork or even a dance to share related to the topic. We’ll include activities that invite children’s participation, too. We’ll light our chalice, sing some songs, listen to and appreciate one another’s contributions, light our candles to lift up joys and sorrows, pass the basket, extinguish the chalice, and sing our closing song.

November 24     Rev. Wanda Daniel   Attending Community

This coming week many of us will travel to be with family and friends for Thanksgiving. Many of us will seek our communities here in Billings and prepare a wondrous meal. Wherever we go, wherever we are, it is a time of attention to those who matter most in our lives. Today, we’ll ponder the ways we can truly be present and paying attention!




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The CLS is on a temporary hiatus and is expected to resume in November. Please check back later for updated information






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