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Weekend Services & Programs


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Sunday Services 10:30 AM

March 5 Dr. Nia Togothere “Intergenerational Trauma: What is it?

 Did you know that trauma is “frozen” in our body memory?  And these memories are passed on from generation to generation? How do we heal from our traumatic past? In this presentation, Nia will highlight core principles in trauma healing and briefly illustrate how she integrated these healing principles into a curriculum she designed to address Indigenous intergenerational Trauma entitled, Iskotew Kahmahsh Opikik (Fire that is Beginning to Stand). 

March 12  Darcy Bean “Reflecting on Unregulated Sober Living Homes in Montana”

We examine the Sober Living homes in Montana. Sober Living homes provide a temporary housing for substance abuse recovery, a haven that keeps you away from prying eyes and other triggers that increase your risk for relapse (e.g., drugs and alcohol) A structured living environment that prepares you for reintegration into society and a therapeutic space where you can get support from peers who, just like you, are also recovering from drug or alcohol addiction.

March 19 Margaret English “We Are Humanists Also”

As we invite the Billings Area Humanists to share our building, we need to look again at all we have in common.  Our discussions this past year has allowed us to share our deeply held values and beliefs.  Much of what I have heard confirms that most of us are humanists and maybe Humanists (big H).  Certainly, as I compare the values we both share, there is little difference.  Maybe it is a good time to expand our umbrella to include people who are working for those values in specific ways, regardless of their beliefs or affiliations.  This is a challenge to think of ourselves in a broader sense.

March 26 Danny Choriki “Conversations about Creating Community in Billings”

Danny will lead an open conversation on the needs in the Humanist community and how we can enable their fulfillment