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August 4          Work Day and Potluck

August 11         No Service

August 18         Rev. Dr. Elli Elliott        Circle Service: Presence

At the Circle Service, we gather in a circle for an informal service of sharing around the topic of the month. Bring a reading or a song or a story or a joke or an artwork or even a dance to share related to the topic. We’ll include activities that invite children’s participation, too. We’ll light our chalice, sing some songs, listen to and appreciate one another’s contributions, light our candles to lift up joys and sorrows, pass the basket, extinguish the chalice, and sing our closing song.

These services intend to establish an enlivening and inclusive BUUF group life-deepening practice that:

* Nurtures our individual reflection on our life journeys and challenges

* Connects us more deeply with one another as a BUUF community, and

* Strengthens us for the challenges we face as we live out and advocate for our

UU values.

We need a word for “spiritual practice” that indicates deepening and expanding our selves and life and community while including the variety of beliefs and experiences among us related to the “divine” or not. The term “life-deepening” is provisional.

Come to share or just listen to others and reflect. I will offer leadership for the monthly services until December. If you have any questions, contact me at

August 25           Dr. David Leuthold        Social Security to Gay Marriage: Divisive Issue In My Lifetime
    Holiday conversations are often difficult today because of divisions on social issues. Are the divisions greater now than in the past? David Leuthold reviews some of the divisive issues of his lifetime, and the compromises with which we tried to reach some consensus. These include racial relations, about which David spoke on Memorial Day in Lavina, Montana in 1954.




Wednesday Lecture Series

Community Lecture Series

The CLS is on a temporary hiatus and is expected to resume in November. Please check back later for updated information






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