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October 4  Rev. Wanda DanielA Warrior’s Courage, A Healer’s Heart

These times in which we live have revealed much hidden yet firmly rooted and growing.  Now we see clearer, or maybe we don’t.  Why is it important to face each other and see with courage and compassion?!? Both qualities are needed if we’re to find ways to live together on Earth, open our hearts and minds, hear vastly different viewpoints, AND learn from each other.  Yes, a warrior’s courage and a healer’s heart dance together, hearing the cries, and responding with a willingness to nourish life.


October 11   Scott Prinzing    Beyond Ready: Indigenous Peoples Day!

Billings is the biggest city in the state of Montana.  It is located less than ten miles from the Crow Indian Reservation, its own boundaries were once within that reservation.  It is also the only large city in Montana that has not recognized Indigenous Peoples Day in early October, a date still recognizing Christopher Columbus and his “discovery” of the continent.  Why is this the case?  When will the city of Billings be ready to join the rest of the state in honoring our original residents and their descendants, our neighbors and fellow citizens?  How did we get here?  Why do we honor Columbus?  And why are we reluctant to honor the Indigenous People of North America?


October 18  Rev. Wanda Daniel  Magic of Creative Human Living

Have you ever taken a printed recipe and made your own creative changes?  Did you worry about following each step line for line?  Did you get anxious veering off the given instructions?  In our western culture, linear thinking holds first place.  1 + 1 always equals 2, right?  Let’s explore those truths, add a dash of magical thinking, and see what we create!


October 25   Joyce Hein    The Virtual Future

One member’s experience with Second Life and the growing UU Fellowship there. An online virtual world. Is it valuable? Is it only Pure Imagination?


 To Members and Friends of the Billings UU Fellowship:

Using the revised information from Governor Bullock and the medical resources we have on our Fellowship Board, we will continue having Sunday services via Zoom for the foreseeable future.  Meanwhile, we encourage you to participate via Zoom with our activities and notify Wanda or Susan Hills if you need any assistance. May you continue in safety and peace.







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The CLS is on a temporary hiatus and is expected to return soon. Please check back later for updated information






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