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September 1       Mary Maheras    Welcome     

We are a Welcoming Congregation. Join us for a reminder of what it means and how this is an important expression of our 1st Principle: Affirming and Promoting the Inherent Worth and Dignity of Every Person. Hear from Mary Maheras about the Rainbow Coffee House and an opportunity to put our principles into action.

September 8      Kris Prinzing       In-gathering/Water Service            

We will hold our annual “in-gathering” service, in which we will honor, celebrate and reflect on the season we are transitioning out of, and begin moving our minds and hearts towards the excitements and challenges that the coming months will bring.

Bring water from your travels or that symbolizes your experiences of the summer to pool together in a vessel of community as part of our traditional summers-end ritual.

September 15         Dr. Elli Elliott        Circle Service: Welcome

In our Circle Service, we can reflect around the theme of WELCOME.  Bring a reading or a song or a story or a joke or an artwork or even a dance to share related to the topic. We’ll include activities that invite children’s participation, too. We’ll light our chalice, sing some songs, listen to and appreciate one another’s contributions, light our candles to lift up joys and sorrows, pass the basket, extinguish the chalice, and sing our closing song

September 22     Rev. Wanda Daniel   Welcome Fearless Joys!

As we begin our new program year together, we remember . . .

every loss opens another door . . .

every change offers another possibility . . .

every moment invites another song . . .

of JOY.

September 29  Margaret English   THE TWO SIDES OF FEAR -Guns or Not

Marianne Williamson once said there are really only two emotions; love and fear and all the others stem from those. People rarely use guns out of love, but fear is a driving force that seems to be increasing in the U.S. This will be an exploration of arguments that tend to come out in the battle for gun sense laws





Wednesday Lecture Series

Community Lecture Series

The CLS is on a temporary hiatus and is expected to resume in November. Please check back later for updated information






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