Sundays at 10:30 AM

 We are meeting virtually on Sundays at 10:30 AM on Zoom for now and the foreseeable future. Check our weekly email and Facebook page for our Sunday presentations. 

April 4  Rev. Wanda Daniel     Emerging

We rise this morning in celebration of rebirth!  We leave our old dances, our old songs, and even our old ways of living. We release them as compost to fertilize life’s rebirth, nourishing and flourishing.  Today, we celebrate life & living!  We emerge!


April 11  Rev. Duffy Peet   Continually Becoming     10 AM Service!!!

This Sunday we’ll Zoom in with our fellow UU’s in Bozeman.  NOTE THE TIME CHANGE!!!

Our culture places a high value on achievement, on attaining some goal that has been set. Because of this, it is easy to get into the habit of striving and more specifically striving to arrive. But this striving can soon become a never-ending race to get to a place of more happiness, more well-being, or just some contentment. Maybe we can find the happiness, well-being, and contentment we would want by letting go of the striving to arrive approach and appreciating the process of continually becoming.


April 18    Rev. Wanda Daniel      Writing Stories of Justice & Compassion

Before writing ~ a story, a poem, anything ~ I ask: WHY?  Why am I taking this time, this energy, and this risk, to put upon paper words that reveal me in the words I write for others.  I challenge us to ask this morning:  WHY do Justice & Compassion belong together?  Why bother with the risks?  As we question, so we write our stories.

This is a Zoom service at 10:30 AM with the Bozeman Fellowship.


April 25    Justice & Compassion Circle

UUs are people of social action. There are so many areas that need attention and action: Voting Rights, Climate Justice, Refugees, Racial Injustice, Income Gap, Gun Violence, Hunger and Food Insecurity, Equality – to name just a few. This week we invite you to choose an area you feel strongly about from one the above suggestions or one of your own and take an action. We’ll come together on Sunday to share what we’ve done and seek support and inspiration for what we want to do.






Wednesday Lecture Series

Community Lecture Series

The CLS is on a temporary hiatus and is expected to return soon. Please check back later for updated information






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